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Get these programs together at a discount: Developing and Analyzing a Statement of Cash Flows - February 2 Developing and Analyzing the Uniform Credit Analysis (UCA) Model - February 9 Advanced Cash Flow Issues: Working Capital and Fixed Asset Expenditures - February 16 Components of Business Financial Statements & Tax Returns - April 6 Cash vs. Accrual Accounting Refresher - April 13 Navigating and Analyzing a Business Tax Return - April 20 Developing and Analyzing Key Financial Ratios - April 27       Read More

Get these programs together at a discount: Overview of Appraisal Rules/Guidelines and the Review Process - March 2 Appraisal Approaches to Value De-mystified - March 9 Key Appraisal Components Beyond the Approaches to Value - March 16 Overview of Evaluations and Other Valuation Options - March 23 Read More

Get these programs together at a discount: Developing a Cash Flow and Key Ratios - March 2 Cap Rates and Factors Beyond Debt Coverage and Loan-to Value - March 9 Issues with Property Types & Lease Structures - March 16 Developing a Global Analysis of Property Holdings - March 23 Read More

Get these programs together at a discount: IRA Fundamentals      Live on September 16, recording available through December 16, 2020 Opening and Maintaining IRAs      Live on September 23, recording available through December 23, 2020 IRA Contributions     Live on September 30, recording available through December 30, 2020 IRA Distributions     Live on October 7, recording available through January 7, 2021 Top 10 IRA Issues     Live on October 14, recording available through January 14, 2021 Required Minimum Distributions     Live on October 21, recording available through January 21, 2021 IRA Transfers and Rollovers     Live on October 28, recording available through January 28, 2021 Everything Roth     Live on November 4, recording available through February 4, 2021 Rollovers Between Retirement Plans and IRAs     Live on November 11, recording available through February 11, 2021 IRA Beneficiary Distributions     Live on November 18 & 25, recording available through February 25, 2021 Read More

Get these programs together at a discount: Focus on Sole Proprietorships, Rental Property and Farms - March 2 Focus on Pass-Through Entities and Schedule K-1s - March 9 Focus on Global Cash Flow as an Underwriting Tool for Business Owners - March 16 Advanced Personal Cash Flow Issues, Including Capital Gains - March 23 Read More

Presenter:  Dave Koch, Abrigo This 90-minute program will be presented live on: February 16, 10:00-11:30 a.m. Central Time    (New Time) Recording available through: May 16, 2021 Price: $275   It is universally understood that asset\liability management (ALM) is a critical function for management of your financial institution’s performance.  Understanding and measuring the financial risks assumed by your institution and the associated rewards is the essence of good financial management.  For decades, industry net interest margins have under pressure due to lower interest rates and increased competition.  With growing pressure from non-bank players offering “banking” services, using the ALM process to measure and more importantly, MANAGE, your performance and risks to your institution’s return has never been greater.   This 90-minute course provides attendees with a basic understanding of the asset\liability management process.  In the session we cover the role of Asset/Liability Management (ALM) as well as the fundamental components to an effective ALM process to measure and manage key risks.  This 90-minute webinar will cover: The role of the ALM process in financial institutions Options to measure risks we care about in the ALM process Measurements do we use to address ALCO risks, The common faults in community FI risk assessments Participants will: Understand the overall framework of Asset/Liability Management Analyze the key risk areas ALCO must manage Explain the role of income simulation, duration and economic value measures Explain the different between static and dynamic value at risk measurements Define Income at risk and value at risk Understand the role of liquidity risk management Outline key variables impacting the results Target Audience:  CEOs, CFOs, ALCO members, board members, accounting/finance professionals, anyone looking for a basic understanding of the ALCO process   Read More

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