The Human Side of Digital Transformation - Sp21

Course Length
90 mins

Nan Gesche


Upcoming Sessions


Presenter:   Nan Gesche, University of Minnesota

This 90-minute program will be presented live on: April 21 2:00-3:30 p.m. Central Time
Recording available through: July 21, 2021
Price: $275


Are you worried about your digital future? Have you put the time, effort, and investment into your digital transformation (DT) only to see less new revenue than expected? If so, you are not alone. Wipro found that half the companies they surveyed in 2018 said they failed to execute their DT strategies despite demonstrated efforts and investments.


What’s behind this? Isn’t DT all about picking the right technology? Well, only partly. The reality is it is a “Tech-enabled” transformation. The transformation part is certain. The buy-in and commitment aren’t. Creating buy-in is probably the most difficult work during DT. So how do you create the buy-in to execute your strategies? Come for an interactive and lively conversation to find out how.


Target Audience:Any individual involved in the process of digital transformation

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