Recording - How to Catch Borrower Financial Fraud and Avoid Lender Liability - Sp21

Course Length
60 mins

Mike Wear



Presenter: Mike Wear, 39 Acres Corporation

This 60-minute program will be presented live on: February 11, 2:00-3:00 p.m. Central Time
Recording available through: May 11, 2021
Price: $225


When the economy gets tough and desperation sets in, borrowers have more motives to commit financial misstatement and fraud.  This webinar shows you how to catch them by learning “how they did it” and “how they hid it.”  This webinar uses several actual examples ranging from infamous public company scandals to real-life small business cases.


In desperate times, lender liability lawsuits accelerate.  This webinar illustrates situations that expose the bank AND banker to lender liability lawsuits and shares tips on how to avoid being sued. 


Program highlights:

  • PPP Loan Program fraud update & tools to determine duplication and fraud of PPP loans
  • 5 D’s of bad credit & early warning Indicators
  • Difference between misrepresentation and financial fraud
  • Learn how businesses artificially reduce or inflate net income with balance sheet accounts
  • Learn how owners hide money taken out of the business
  • New Lease Accounting Rules – resulting impact on loan covenants
  • 5 warning signs for potential lender liability personal exposure
  • Learn how bankers have lost lender liability lawsuits with “Smoking Guns”


Target Audience:  CEOs, commercial lenders, credit analyists

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