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Course Length
60 mins

Neil Stanley



Presenter: Neil Stanley, The CorePoint

This 60-minute program will be presented live on: November 21, 2:00-3:00 p.m. Central Time
Recording available through: February 21, 2020
Price: $225

In order to attract and retain properly-priced, long-term retail deposits in this environment financial institutions are redesigning their approach to long-term savers.  Offering the static rate sheet and a cup of coffee is not enough to win and retain long-term deposits today.

We share the best tools and systems for coaching branch managers and retail bankers to mature capacity and performance via leadership.  This session for leadership shows how we create the rigorous environment of high-performance expectation and execution to achieve superior results of volume, price, duration, and profit.  With so much depending upon securing properly-priced long-term retail deposits today it is hard to believe there could be a better investment opportunity than investing in the capacity of the front line to better deliver results at this time.

In this concluding webinar we will share the best ways to measure success; engage the front line; engage leadership; and handle exceptions.  Bringing everything together for a comprehensive system of understanding the environment; creating perceivable differentiation in our offers; having the right people make the right sequential presentation to long-term savers; using agility to adjust pricing for all the right business reasons; respecting the behavioral differentials between clients and getting them the right product to meet the needs and wants of all stakeholders.

Target Audience: Bank executives, finance officers and staff, retail officers and staff, client experience/marketing officers and staff, and chief innovation officers

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