Funding Strategy in Today's Market - S20

Course Length
90 mins

Dave Koch


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Presenter:  Dave Koch, Abrigo

This 90-minute program will be presented live on: July 8, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Central Time
Recording available through: October 8, 2020
Price: $275


Think of “banking” as a manufacturing factory.  Like any manufacturing facility, the first key to success is access consistent supply and cost controllable funding.  For financial institutions, the raw materials used to produce our assets (loans to our market) are core deposits.  Historically, this raw material was more plentiful from consumers and businesses and was reasonably priced.  Today, competition for “core deposits” is fierce, and in some cases, out of control.  In the meantime, strong loan demand has raised loan\deposit ratios for many FI’s into the danger zone creating more unstable actions in the deposit market.  Consider the impact of digital\online competitors offers and the changing demographics use of technology to mine information and you find that depositors are presented many alternative offers that may leave your institution on the sideline as a spectator.


So, who’s in charge of funding at your institution?  When new market demands arise, who ensures that you have a proper response?   What is your institution’s plan for managing future funding needs?  How did rising rates impact your historically “low cost” funding and overall funding mix?  Did your trends in account openings meet your future needs?  Will that trend continue?  How have your depositors and competitors responded?  If funding is the lifeblood of our factory, shouldn’t we have a more disciplined control structure?


In this interactive, hands-on session we combine examples with your data to help you lay the groundwork for a funding plan.  We will discuss and define:

  • How to determine the most desirable asset demands,
  • How to leverage your core deposit results\assumptions for improved financial performance,
  • Determine and define product and pricing strategies for each funding sector
  • Best practices to manage funding costs and risk management needs
  • Which wholesale funding sources offer protection and profit given your risk profile


Our objective is to help you define realistic, profitable and measurable growth and development goals to support your asset and capital growth needs.


Target Audience:  CEOs, CFOs, ALCO members, controllers, chief risk officer, chief retail, funding officers

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