Mastering LinkedIn for Bankers: Engage with Insights - S20

Course Length
90 mins

Brynne Tillman


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Presenter: Brynne Tillman, St. Meyer & Hubbard

This 90-minute program will be presented live on: August 13, 10:00-11:30 a.m. Central Time
Recording available through: November 13, 2020
Price: $275


The concept of thought leadership has never been more vital. Content is a key component to any effective LinkedIn strategy and in this webinar, bankers will learn:

  • What attract, teach and engage have to do with social selling
  • How to curate and share content based on what you know not what you do
  • How to create original content through blogging, native video and other means
  • Who to follow and how to find the full range of their content
  • The LinkedIn algorithm – when to post, how to engage and the importance of comments
  • White Papers, case studies, client interviews - oh my
  • How to with your network and privately
  • Why LinkedIn Groups are important and how to share inside each
  • How to share content in a welcome message with a new connection
  • The between session assignment


Target Audience:  Any banker looking to maximize their visibility on LinkedIn

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