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Course Length
90 mins

Shawn Belling



Presenter: Shawn Belling, Madison College

This 90-minute program will be presented live on: October 21, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Central Time
Recording available through: January 21, 2021
Price: $275


The first truth in managing projects … if everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.

Does your organization know how to be ruthless when it comes to prioritization? Join this online seminar and learn to avoid the most common failures, while gaining key strategies for successful projects.  

The choices are endless when it comes to project management styles, software and apps– and while these technology tools can be effective – nothing is a substitute for strong leadership. Senior leaders must set and then clearly communicate project priorities so that everyone on the team understands them. Presenter Shawn Belling calls this “ruthless prioritization” – and in this online seminar he’ll review four common and dysfunctional project management scenarios and how this style of prioritization can be used to avoid these disastrous pitfalls in your own projects. They are:  

  • The Compromise – a defensive play driven by risk aversion, the problem results from leaders avoiding the tough decisions, resulting in resources being diluted across multiple failing projects.    
  • Trying to Do It All – the “evil twin” of the compromise, this results from senior leaders' failure to prioritize, combined with a willingness to place the burden on their teams and resources. In the short term, this can yield some results – but with rare exceptions, it burns out teams, creates toxic workplaces and results in expensive turnover.
  • Analysis Paralysis – endless deliberations and requests for what-ifs creates a false impression of progress and careful consideration while concealing indecisiveness.
  • All Projects Are High Priority – this worst-case scenario finds senior leaders telling subordinates to treat everything as top priority and "find a way”  -- unacceptably kicking the can to subordinates and shirking responsibility that should be expected of senior managers.

The solution for avoiding these failure scenarios is a regular and ruthless prioritization process for department, division, and strategic projects.  The challenge is getting this in place – and this online seminar will share insights for creating a process where this is the normal cadence of your business over time. This program will show how to cultivate a leadership culture where important, data-driven decisions are made, and resources are effectively allocated to support those decision.  We’ll cover:

  • Making tough – yet appropriate and necessary – decisions on resource allocation
  • Assessing wants and needs, and determining which projects are “nice to have” versus those initiatives that create real value for the organization
  • Seizing opportunities and making the most of limited time frames
  • Effectively addressing and defusing the inevitable fall out or blow back of some decisions
  • Scrutinizing and assessing projects ongoing, and the importance of being able to pivot as conditions warrant

Target Audience: Any employee involved in project management in the bank

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