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Presenter: Patrice McGuire, McGuire Business Partners This 90-minute program will be presented live on: November 1, 9:30-11:00 a.m. Central Time Recording available through: February 1, 2020 Price: $275   Recognition and appreciation is a fundamental need of humans.  Most employees respond to recognition of their good work because it reinforces that they are valuable and the work that they do is valued.  Banks today need to get creative in recognizing and rewarding their employees.  Fewer and fewer employees are making a career at one employer so leaders need to find ways to reward and recognize contributions, hard work and productivity.  Most people, including leaders acknowledge not receiving or providing much positive feedback if any at all.  It’s hard to retain good people if we don’t recognize the value in which others bring to the organization.   In this seminar participants will: Determine “what” to recognize  and reward Identify the benefits of employee recognition Reward people with a personalized approach Make recognition a constant application   Targeted Audience:  Any professional that wanting or needing to become more effective in recognizing and rewarding people doing good things.  These opportunities can be peer-to-peer, subordinate, and even customer discussions Read More

Robin Guthridge, Senior Manager, Wipfli LLP This 90-minute program will be presented live on: June 18, 10:00-11:30 a.m., Central Time Recording available through: September 18, 2019 Price: $189   The House of Representatives have taken up the Safe Banking Act, which will allow banks to offer products and services to previously unbanked entities. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should jump right in and open accounts for just anyone. During this session we will help you navigate through HR 1595 and identify the challenges of banking Tier I, II, and III marijuana related businesses and hemp operations. We’ll discuss appropriate risk assessment and program modifications to set the stage for banking members of these high‐risk groups, including measures for handling banking relationships with business entities that deal with Tier 1 marijuana businesses, or employees of these higher risk entities. We’ll also explore the customer due diligence efforts and account monitoring necessary to ensure your institution will pass examiner scrutiny.     Target Audience:  CEOs, CFO, chief risk officers, bank presidents, compliance officers, internal auditors, BSA officers   Presenter: Robin Guthridge, Senior Manager, Wipfli LLP   Robin Guthridge has a strong background in Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance, leadership, and sales management.  In addition to performing BSA, deposit, and loan compliance examinations for various institutions, she has developed, implemented, and presented annual BSA workshops for Wipfli LLP’s clients and prospects and for various state banking associations.  Robin uses her firsthand experience in the financial services industry to provide meaningful insight and helpful recommendations in the areas of BSA and deposit compliance.  Her goal is to exceed client expectations with every contact. Read More

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Presenter: Philip Smith, Gerrish Smith Tuck, Consultants and Attorneys This 60-minute program will be presented live on: September 19 , 10:00-11:00 a.m. Central Time Recording available through: December 19, 2019 Price: $225   In the current merger and acquisition market, community banks need to realize that if they are positioning themselves to buy another bank or to sell their bank, there are issues that are unique to community banks or family banks that must be considered in the process. This session allows the attendees to explore those issues in‐depth in a confidential manner.   Specific subjects that will be covered during the seminar:   How buying or selling a community bank or family bank is different Specific family and community bank issues not present in large bank deals Negotiating and structuring deals for specific family and community bank benefits   Target Audience: Board of Directors, CEOs and senior management Read More

Presenter: Marcia Malzahn, Malzahn Strategic This 90-minute program will be presented live on: October 23, 2:00-3:30 p.m, Central Time Recording available through: January 23, 2020 Price: $275   Your bank is unique so your Strategic Plan should be unique as well. Too often, bank executives and directors will construct a strategic plan from old plans, strategies found online or just brainstorming based on emotion or intuition. Financial services, however, has become a much faster-paced industry than it was 15 or 20 years ago and is impacted by many more forces, challenges, competitors and opportunities than ever before. These drivers highlight the need for every bank or credit union to have a living, breathing strategic plan to thrive and grow.   This important and timely banking webinar will address: The importance of a clearly defined strategic plan structure Key components common to successful strategies The role of enterprise risk mitigation and management in a bank’s strategic plan Establishing ‘best practices’ with board governance Developing, implementing and managing the strategic planning process in your bank Whether your institution lacks a cohesive strategy, or just wants to review existing plan(s), this webinar will address questions including: What is your vision for the future of your bank? Do your employees know your vision, and can they articulate it? Does the culture and brand of your bank (everything from your electronic signature on your emails to the look of your bank lobby) reflect the vision of where you want to take your bank? Do you know your risks—the risks that are unique to your bank? Do you have the right people, and are they in the right places to fulfill the vision of your bank?   You will walk away with tools and ideas to: Integrate your enterprise risk management program into your strategic plan Integrate your talent management program into your strategic plan Ensure your strategic plan doesn’t sit on the shelf and gets implemented   Target Audience: Any professionals in the leadership team, executives, directors and supervisors with planning responsibilities, chief risk officers, and board of directors involved in strategic planning process Read More

Presenter: Philip Smith, Gerrish Smith Tuck, Consultants and Attorneys This 60-minute program will be presented live on: October 30, 10:00-11:00 a.m. Central Time Recording available through: January 30, 2020 Price: $225   The family-owned bank presents unique opportunities and challenges, from the strategic planning process to consideration of Subchapter S to implementation of an ESOP and handling board, management and ownership succession issues. This session will identify key areas of concern for family banks and present ideas and strategies that help improve value. Topics to be covered include:   •    Succession planning •    Organizational structure issues such as holding company and S corp •    The M&A landscape for family banks   Target Audience: Board of Directors, CEOs and senior management Read More

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