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Presenter: Tom Hershberger, Cross Financial Group This 90-minute program will be presented live on: September 27, 10:00-11:30 a.m. Central Time  Recording available through: December 27, 2018 Price: $275   How would you rate your brand? Would your customers and communities give you the same rating? Building and managing a definitive brand has never been more important. The expanding competitive landscape and clutter in daily communications have made it difficult to stand out in the marketplace.   Creating an active plan to define and reinforce your brand allows your organization to invest time and effort in resources that produce results and eliminate distractions. Consistent delivery of a desired customer experience can produce exceptional results. A well-defined and delivered brand is the identity that anchors your customer satisfaction, loyalty and relationship longevity. This workshop is designed to help you identify the cost effective ways to leverage your brand to a higher level of awareness.   Target Audience: Senior management, branch managers, marketing officers, marketing committee members Read More

Presenter: Richard Hamm, Advantage Consulting & Training This three-part program will be presented live on: September 11, 18 & 25, 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Central Time Recording available through: December 25, 2018 Price: $555   The Uniform Credit Analysis (UCA) cash flow model is an important analytical tool provided as output from business financial statement “spreading” software used for commercial and industrial (C&I) loans.  This seminar demonstrates how the UCA model is derived and compares it to the Statement of Cash Flows (SCF) prepared by accountants.  From “hands on” case studies, the participants will learn how to calculate both the UCA and SCF formats, plus how to use them to evaluate business cash flow in conjunction with traditional ratio analysis.  They will also learn how to utilize portions of the UCA and SCF output within the framework of a global cash flow analysis.   Specific topics to be covered include; Introduction to the UCA model and how it is derived from basic financial statements or tax returns The evolution of SFAS 95 and how the SCF is compiled by accountants The evolution of global cash flow models and two primary applications used by bankers today Compare and contrast the “direct” format (used in UCA) from the “indirect” format (used in SCF) How to calculate and how to use both cash flow models to evaluate business cash flow, with particular focus on assessing operating cash flow consistency and reliability, plus how short-term and long-term financing affect cash flow How cash flow analysis can be integrated into and validate traditional ratio analysis and other underwriting techniques How to utilize portions of the UCA and SCF output within the framework of a global cash flow analysis and avoid potential double-counting of inflows or outflow   Target Audience:  Commercial lenders, credit analysts, small business lenders, private bankers, loan review specialists, lending managers and credit officers Read More

Presenter: David Osburn, Osburn & Associates, LLC This 90-minute program will be presented live on: September 25, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Central Time Recording available through: December 25, 2018 Price: $275   This seminar will provide the banker with a basic framework of business law including the judicial process. Emphasis will be placed on how the legal system can help/harm the banker including how to avoid a lawsuit due to lender liability through maintaining both ethical behavior and effective negotiations.    A review of the stages of litigation, alternatives to litigation including arbitration and mediation, and the borrower’s business structure (from a legal perspective), will be displayed. The seminar will also cover the nature and characteristics of contracts (the promissory note), problem loan situations, and collection efforts. Additionally, banking regulations and tort reform will be discussed.   This seminar will also cover the concept of lender liability including recent industry trends. This portion of the seminar will address some of the technical aspects of this often overlooked subject.   This seminar is a must for all bankers who want to better understand business law basics and avoid expensive, unwanted litigation!   TOPICS: The difference between law and ethics and why it matters from a lender liability standpoint Negotiations and the law The judicial process including the stages of litigation Alternatives to litigation including arbitration and mediation The borrower’s business structure and the law The nature and characteristics of contracts Problem loan litigations Collections Overview of banking Regulations Other business law issues including tort reform and its impact on the borrower Lender liability and recent industry trends Technical aspects of lender liability Target Audience: Commercial lenders, relationship managers, business development officers, private bankers, branch managers, assistant branch managers, and credit analysts Read More

Presenter: Marcia Malzahn, Malzahn Companies LLC This 90-minute program will be presented live on: September 20, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Central Time Recording available through: December 20, 2018 Price: $275   During this program, you will gain a more in-depth knowledge of Cash Management (aka Treasury Management) products and services. You will learn about all the Cash Management products and services available in the marketplace, identify the products and services your community bank currently offers, what you’re missing, and come up with strategies to implement and offer the right products and services for your bank. You will also learn the “behind the scenes” on the most important products and how they interact with technology.   After completing this session, you will walk away with a deeper knowledge of Cash Management, gain ideas from the other participants on how to implement the products and services your clients expect you to offer, conduct a risk assessment on any new products, and bring back ideas to your bank on how to market Cash Management products and services to your business clients. In addition, your team will also work better together knowing how critical each area is to the success of the implementation and sale of these products and services.   Topics Covered: What is Treasury Management (aka Cash Management)? The evolution of cash management/history/background Review of the account analysis and what it’s used for Overview of all cash management products in the market How to determine which products you need to offer to your business customers Determine who your in-house experts should be and provide the appropriate training How cash management is integrated with the bank’s technology, operations and sales teams Identifying new bank fee opportunities Ideas on how to market and brand your cash management products Process to implement cash management products The future of cash management (including Blockchain and Bitcoin)   Target Audience:  Cash management operations and sales personnel, deposit sales team, business bankers/lenders, technology personnel (IT network support and core system support staff), presidents, COO Read More

Presenter: Ned Miller, MZ BIERLY CONSULTING, INC. This 60-minute program will be presented live on: December 10, 10:00-11:00 a.m. Central Time Recording available through: March 10, 2019 Price: $225   In this fast-paced webinar you’ll gain insights into how to lift your team members’ prospecting efforts to the next level.  We’ll examine specific tactics you can employ to improve your bankers’ chances of success in proactive prospecting.   Topics Covered: The 7 mistakes bank sales leaders make in driving prospecting Defining expectations regarding prospecting Anticipating typical challenges Coaching the top of the funnel (Re) Building prospect lists Helping your bankers get in the door Building business acumen Pre-call, post-call coaching Why making joint calls is key to prospecting success Outside resources   Target Audience: Sales Leaders working with commercial, small business and private banking and their partners Read More

Presenter:  Linda Larger, Banker Education Solutions & Training, LLC This 90-minute program will be presented live on: November 8, 9:30-11:00 a.m. Central Time Recording available through: February 8, 2019 Price: $275   This course will build on what participants already know about structuring loans by taking a closer look at potential issues surrounding collateral.  We will discuss three of the most typical forms of collateral – accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets and the potential problems these types of collateral present if the loan begins exhibiting warning signs of becoming a problem. Certain common documentation errors will be combined with the collateral evaluation process to help lenders make better collateral evaluations in the underwriting & origination process.   Participants will learn how to: Analyze the collateral opportunities presented by a potential borrower Ask relevant questions to better assess the potential value of collateral during underwriting to offset future potential problems Recognize collateral warning signs that may indicate a higher level of credit risk Recognize common collateral documentation mistakes   Target Audience:  Lenders and credit analysts who are new to lending or those with experience who wish to add to their underwriting skills Read More

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